Food Forests for Schools


Educating children about their natural resources and health is critical to preparing them for a sustainable future. 

Food Forests for Schools (formerly Edible Garden Initiative) uses edible gardens and Food Forests as outdoor learning laboratories in Miami-Dade County's public elementary schools to instill in children the desire to eat nutritious food while learning to care for the environment. 学生通过动手制作可食用花园和食物森林来学习课程. Meanwhile, families and other members of the community work in the gardens and attend healthy cooking and gardening workshops.

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Through Food Forests for Schools, 学生们对健康和环境之间的联系有了更深的理解. ​

The initiative engages students to plant and maintain edible gardens and Food Forests on school grounds while using those gardens to learn about healthy eating and environmental sustainability. 

这个试点项目只在5所学校进行, “学校食物森林”倡议现在已经发展到涉及超过1000人 30,000 students within 7迈阿密-戴德县公立学校, 人口多样化,大多来自低收入家庭. This is almost 占全区小学的25%.  

The ultimate objective of Food Forests for Schools is to significantly improve eating patterns in children and their families while also improving students' academic achievement.

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