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Ideas with IMPACT is an initiative aimed at recognizing and rewarding innovative teachers by providing funds to package and export successful teaching methods. It supports teacher leaders, fosters sharing of best practices, and offers opportunities for professional growth. 这个网络提高了学生的教学和成绩, 为学生提供行之有效的促进学习的课堂体验.


Idea Expo Workshop Disseminator 
Application Status: OPEN for 2024-25 School Year
在2023创意博览会教师大会上领导一个研讨会,可以获得750美元. 传播者津贴提供给有证明的教师, successful teaching strategy the opportunity to package and market their ideas to other teachers by leading workshops at the annual Idea EXPO Teacher Conference.

链接:  2024 Idea Expo Workshop Disseminator Application

Ideas with IMPACT Innovator Grant
Application Status: OPEN for 2024-25 school year
创新者资助为教师开发和实施新的教学方法提供资金, 激励和挑战学生学习的教学项目. Submitted proposals should be innovative,独特的课堂项目,活跃和丰富课程. 过去的许多资助包括跨学科、主动学习和实践课程. Others have reinforced learning through simulations or applied school work to real-life situations. Grants range from $300 - $1,000.

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Ideas with IMPACT Adapter Grant
Application Status: Closed. Apply after the 2024 Idea Expo (October)

Adapter Grants provide funds to teachers, wishing to adapt any of the projects featured in our Ideas with IMPACT 目录s or at the Idea EXPO - The Teacher Conference. Grants range from $150-$400. Here are the application steps:

Register for and attend the Idea EXPO (required, with exceptions made for teachers unable to attend due to religious observations and/or disabilities)


Complete and submit an Adapter application. Be sure to include your creative modifications and detailed budget on how you will spend the grant funds. 


Idea Packets
An Idea Packet containing course outlines, lesson plans, resource lists, bibliographies, student worksheets, student samples, 以及其他工具,可用于本届和往届Idea expo提供的每个研讨会. To view free Idea Packets, click here. 

The Idea EXPO Teacher Conference 
南佛罗里达最大的“以师换师”会议之一 Idea EXPO 每年将500多名教育工作者聚集在一起,建立网络并分享教学策略. 创意博览会设有70多个由教师主持的研讨会, a keynote address, free curriculum packets, breakfast, 午餐, prize giveaways and much more. Click here to find out more now!  

Ideas with IMPACT 目录   
IMPACT创意项目的一个重要组成部分是 Ideas with IMPACT 目录, 每年出版并分发给迈阿密戴德县公立学校的每位教师. 这个目录是老师们经过验证的想法的资源, 每页都有不同的教学策略, 适合哪些学生的信息, standards met when implementing the lessons, 以及每位传播者老师的联系方式. The teaching ideas in the Ideas with IMPACT 目录, created by teachers for teachers, 可以完全按原样使用或修改以满足教室的特殊需要吗. Subject areas covered include STEM/STEAM,  language arts, math/science, social studies, 健康, technology, varying exceptionalities, and interdisciplinary. Teachers are encouraged to use the 目录 as an idea file and keep it handy for reference throughout the year. Ideas with IMPACT 自1990年以来,每年都可以查看目录. Download the Latest 目录

For more information, please call:
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